Social Media For Chefs, The Smart Way To Attract People.  Why not launch your career as a chef on brand platforms such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Did you know 98% of chefs see the value of a social media account and some do not have the time to create a social media campaign connected to the food they prepare daily.  This is where our team at The Society Nineteen Group can service you in a flash to make your food a social news alert must have to get people to your restaurants to dine and eat your best entrees overnight!

Listed below are some true facts to aid chefs with activating a powerful brand culinary social media profile in 2018. Let our team  aid you with creating a digital portfolio for you the chef and the restaurant.  We will generating buzz on social media that you will sure love!

We are ready to aid you with creating your new style empire – let’s get creative!

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