Society Nineteen Group communication efforts are always strategically tailored and targeted to meet specific audiences and deliver audience-specific messages to each channel. The major media categories and outlets will encompass all top-tier media including, but not limited to the following:

Social Engagement Activation


  • We will create social media content, moderate and monitor social media platforms for breaking stories and trends, analyze response activity and execute email blast campaigns.


  • We active written content for social channels and website galleries


  • We will engage with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google followers adding value by bringing an additional 100,000 new followers to all social platforms..


  • I will post and scheduling content on all social platforms.


  • Developing actionable social media plans and calendars of events


  • Running social media contests on relevant social platforms


  • Support content creation, production, posting, and online conversations across multiple social networking platforms


  • Regularly reporting insights gained from social media monitoring tools


  • Supporting social media team in ideation and implementation of campaign strategies


  • Identifying partnership, collaboration, and co-marketing opportunities in social media that extend reach and credibility


  • Actively engaging with online communities via social networks, including responses to inquiries, encouragement/support and conversational engagement to promote corporate messaging and increase brand awareness


  • Cultivating consistent, ongoing relationships with key influencers within the addiction treatment and recovery space